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Rare Footage of WWI Lewis Machine Gun Mount with Periscope Sight [VIDEO]

Lewis Machine Gun Mount

Rare footage of a World War I era Lewis machine gun mount that could be used either with a periscope sight or in an anti-aircraft role was recently found.

The Lewis Gun was a light machine gun used extensively by the British during World War I and (to a lesser extent) World War II. Though it was a light machine gun, the Lewis Gun was still a potent weapon in the right hands.

This footage featuring the demonstration of a Lewis machine gun mount recently surfaced.

The machine gun mount appears to be pretty well designed and allows for use against both air and ground targets. Even more interesting is the fact that it has an integrated periscope sight and remote trigger, allowing the user to shoot the machine gun at approaching enemy troops from the safety of a trench or foxhole.


The details about the machine gun mount are unknown and this particular model was not used extensively by any of the armies in World War I.

Perhaps this machine gun mount was too expensive and difficult to manufacture. Or perhaps it was designed too late in the war to be adopted and used by any particular nation.

Regardless, it looks like a pretty cool invention. If any of you know any more details about this interesting piece of machinery, I'd love to hear from you.

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Rare Footage of WWI Lewis Machine Gun Mount with Periscope Sight [VIDEO]