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Rare Footage of Thug Hippos Going Postal on a Gazelle [VIDEO]

Hippos rule the water and apparently this gazelle got way too close. This is what happens when you push these thugs too far.

A single hippo is one thing, but get them in a group and they take on a bizarre and deadly “thug” mentality.

These tremendously large animals are equally at home on land as they are in the water. Being that they are considered one of the most dangerous creatures in Africa, this is what can happen when you piss them off.

The common version of the hippos we all know are mainly herbivorous, subsisting on plant matter to survive. They exist mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and are the third largest land mammal known.

Hippos are well known to be extremely aggressive and will attack any animal they deem to be intruding in their territory. These beasts have even been known to kill Nile crocodiles!

The gazelle may have been sick or injured and not able to get itself far enough away from these marauding hippos and it cost it its life.

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Rare Footage of Thug Hippos Going Postal on a Gazelle [VIDEO]