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Massive Cluster of Bonefish Caught On Video

Take a look at this rare footage of more than ten thousand bonefish migrating to a spawning location offshore in the Bahamas.

A team of scientists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the Florida Institute of Technology and Florida International University captured the video during their recent expedition to Bahamas.

The scientists were on a mission to document the spawning behavior of bonefish in an effort to help preserve the species’ breeding grounds.

Bonefish are currently threatened by ecological disturbances and overfishing in Florida, the Bahamas and the Carribean. The species are popular catches for sportsmen throughout the region.

Read about dwindling bonefish populations in Florida’s Biscayne National Park.

Large groups of breeding bonefish are rarely seen by humans because the species spawns at depths of 160 feet at specific locations during certain lunar periods.


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Massive Cluster of Bonefish Caught On Video