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Rare Footage: The Lost Fred Bear Interview [VIDEO]

Footage was recently discovered of an interview with Fred Bear three years before his passing.

Mike Avery recently came across a box at the Grousehaven hunting camp. The box was headed to the trash, but after opening it Mike found footage of an interview he did with Fred Bear in 1985.

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Bear Archery wanted Mike to get some documentation of Fred’s adventures and experiences so he went to interview the great archery legend.

Watch the exclusive footage of this once-lost Fred Bear interview.


The footage offers a great insight to Fred Bear’s life and allows the opportunity to get the feeling of personally knowing Fred Bear.

Thank goodness this footage was found and has been shared for the world to see; specific thanks to Mike Avery and Avery Outdoor Outdoor Enterprises, LLC.

Fred Bear’s legacy will continue to live on.

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Rare Footage: The Lost Fred Bear Interview [VIDEO]