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Rare Close Look at a Beached Whale on Perran Beach

When a beached whale washes up on a beach, it's never a good thing, but it gives people a chance to see them closely.

A beached whale was found on Perran Beach at Perranporth Cornwall in the United Kingdom, and this guy got up close and personal with it.

Watch as a man films a close-up of this beach whale, young female measuring about 40ft long.

According to the Youtube user, this beached whale was a young female who for one reason or another washed up on the beach.

Can you believe the size of that beached whale? It really puts it into perspective to see a whale on the beach verse in the water. They are very large animals.

Luckily for the beach goers this whale hadn't been there too long. In most cases a beached whale explodes due to the build up of decaying gases in its body. If you see a whale on the beach approach it with caution, unless you like being covered in whale guts.


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Rare Close Look at a Beached Whale on Perran Beach