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Rare Beaked Whale Washes Ashore in Austraila

Facebook/Marine Mammal Rescue

Put this one in the "Did Anyone Know Beaked Whales Exist?" file.

I like to think of myself as a pretty well-educated person when it comes to hunting, fishing, and pretty much any general animal knowledge.

However, when pictures of this whale came across my computer, I was shocked to even know beaked whales were a real thing. As you can tell by the pictures below, they look just exactly how you would expect a beaked whale would look.


These photos were taken by members of the Organization for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia (ORRCA), on the scene shortly after the whale washed ashore. These whales are so rare that very little is actually known about them.

"So for a very, very long time not much has been known about them and so every time we even find one that is dead on the beach, it is a treasure trove for the scientists," said Shona Lorigan, vice-president of ORRCA.


This beaked whale was approximately 10 to 13 feet long. What little is known about these whales is that they typically live in very deep parts of the ocean. According to members of ORRCA, the whale's head is going to be sent to an Australian museum for study and eventual display.

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Be honest, did you know beaked whales exist, or am I alone here?

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Rare Beaked Whale Washes Ashore in Austraila