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Rare Albino Kangaroo Captured on Film [VIDEO]

With numbers averaging 1 in 20,000, catching an albino kangaroo on film is a very rare feat. 

Three kids in Victoria, Australia had been seeing a white kangaroo for several days before anyone actually believed them. Their original story revolved around the idea that somebody had painted a kangaroo white, but it wasn't until after the their father captured the albino kangaroo on video that wildlife officials confirmed it was in fact an albino.

According to the original story, researchers suspect that this particular albino kangaroo resulted from a small pocket of kangaroos isolating themselves and interbreeding.

Watch what the three kids and their father saw on this video posted by the Daily Mail. It's easy to think that somebody dumped a white bucket of paint on a hapless kangaroo, especially if you have never seen an albino before.


Albino animals popped up in multiple news stories in 2014, and so far, 2015 seems to be following in the same footsteps. This condition is often the cause of inbreeding in specific animal populations, as is the suggested culprit in this case as well.

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Rare Albino Kangaroo Captured on Film [VIDEO]