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Rare Albino Deer Born in the Third Wave of a ‘White Baby Boom’ [VIDEO]

It’s the white baby boom in this zoo…first a kangaroo, then a lion cub, and now, the rarest of them all, an albino fawn! 

Albinism is a rarity in humans, but even more so within the animal kingdom, especially in hoofed mammals.

That doesn’t make this little fawn any less adorable, however. She’s already on her way to being the star of this zoo!

The “white baby boom” in a small town in Russia is causing all kinds of excitement.

Just after the birh of an albino kangaroo and a white lion cub, the rare birth of an albino fawn graced the Yaroslvl Zoo. The fawn was born with light, almost white, fur, which is in great contrast to her mother and other deer, that most often bear a chestnut coat with white mottles.

Some interesting facts:

  • Albino deer are very rare in nature with an estimated frequency of one in 100,000
  • Albinism is a hereditary condition that is caused by a lack of coloring pigments in the skin
  • In animals it can lead to a lack of pigmentation in the eyes, fur, scales or feathers
  • Albino born animals would struggle to survive outside the zoo because they are more susceptible to sunburn
  • Albinos are likely to have poor eyesight
  • As a result, they are more likely to catch the eye of predators

In this case, however, the fawn is safe from the rest of the world and loved already, as fans are already chatting about what to name the white miracle.

Some say Lui, some say Loa. I say Tabula Rasa. What’s your vote?

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Rare Albino Deer Born in the Third Wave of a ‘White Baby Boom’ [VIDEO]