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Elusive Albino 10-Point Buck Killed in Missouri [VIDEO]

Photo credit: Laura Simon, seMissourian

A bowhunter bagged a rare 10-point albino buck was something of a local celebrity among hunters around Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

In recent years, hunters had seen the deer, but most passed on taking a shot. On Tuesday morning, hunter Jerry Kinnaman fell The Great White Buck.

"I gave him a fair shot. He had a good life," Kinnaman told local news. "He's famous. He still will be."

You can hear Kinnaman tell the story of the hunt and see footage of the albino buck in the video below.

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Kinnaman legally hunted the deer, but he knew killing it would get the people fired up.

"I'm sure this is gonna stir some people up," Kinnaman told local news. "I had a friend who let me hunt on his land a few years ago and I asked him, `Would you be offended if I shot this deer?' and he said yes because it was so beautiful, you know?"

Kinnaman said his friend changed his mind when people started trespassing on his land to see the deer.

"It got so bad that he came back to me and said, `I want you to shoot this deer."

This wasn't the first albino buck harvest we've seen this season. In October, an 11-year-old hunter shot an albino deer with a crossbow while hunting with his father. More recently, an Ohio hunter took a rare piebald deer.

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Elusive Albino 10-Point Buck Killed in Missouri [VIDEO]