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Rare Albino Buck Taken by Bowhunter Near Boise, Idaho

albino buck

Idaho bowhunter downs a rare albino buck near Boise.

Kendall Rivers knew this kind of opportunity wouldn’t come again when he got a chance at an albino buck.

“I knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime deal… I went ahead and did it,” Rivers told reporters about his harvest last weekend.  As might be expected, when this photo of his buck hit the net, it began drawing some attention. Not all of it has been positive.

“I got all kinds of nasty messages already, but I also get positive messages as well,” Rivers told reporters.

albino buck
Idaho Press

Rivers has law enforcement on his side. They confirmed the animal was legal to harvest. Rivers said he shot the buck in Horseshoe Bend Hill, which is an area just north of Boise.

Interestingly enough, back in early August, some photos out of Boise began making the internet rounds that supposedly showed an albino deer in a Boise cemetery. People are already speculating online that it’s the same buck Rivers killed.

“Knowing where it came from, I didn’t put two and two together,” Rivers said. “So in a way, I do kind of regret it, but it’s a done deal and there is nothing I can do about it.”

Idaho Fish and Game says there’s no way to know for sure without a biological test. “There haven’t been a lot of reports of another white buck in this area so I guess you kind of have to draw your own conclusions,” Idaho Fish and Game biologist Craig White said.

It seems like a few albino deer are killed legally every season across the country. These incidents often become quite high-profile as the shooting of an albino deer seems to rile people up.


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Rare Albino Buck Taken by Bowhunter Near Boise, Idaho