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Rare 7-Foot Sawfish Caught in Florida Everglades [VIDEO]

It’s not every day you pull a fish out of the water thats nose looks like it came from Home Depot.

A man out fishing for snook in the Florida Everglades gets a surprise on the end of his line: a seven-foot smalltooth sawfish.

(Warning: video contains giddily excited foul language)

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The reason why this catch is so cool to see is that sawfish are rare. In fact, since 2003, they’ve been classified as endangered.

Sawfish don’t reproduce very often, and their unique snout has made them popular sport fishing game throughout the last century. Their “saw” gets easily caught in commercial fishing nets, making them particularly susceptible to commercial by-catch. So the only legal option for sawfish angling is catch-and-release.

Our angler in the video does the right thing and releases his catch. All sawfish caught must be released- if you happen across one, you can even report it to help scientific research. And who doesn’t like science?

The sawfish in the video is around seven feet long- they can grow up to 18 feet at the longest, and tip the scales at over 700 pounds.

And even though he didn’t get to keep the fish, our angler got one hell of a memory out of the deal.

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Rare 7-Foot Sawfish Caught in Florida Everglades [VIDEO]