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Rare 350-Pound Giant Squid Caught by Japanese Fisherman [VIDEO]

These guys keep pulling giant squid out of the ocean, which is really cool. Let's just hope Cthulu isn't real.

According to reports, a Japanese fisherman recently pulled in a squid measuring in at 13 feet long and weighing over 360 pounds. This is one of the largest squid caught recently, and especially large for those found in shallow Japanese waters.

Shengari Goto, 44, was trawling for flatfish and crabs in shallow waters off the Japanese coast. He's expressed "regret" over capturing and killing the creature. We understand, as giant squid are very rare. But now that it's dead...calamari anyone? We say fire up the deep-fryer.

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Giant Squid are very, very rare. In fact, less than 700 specimens have ever been captured. They wash up on shore occasionally, but due to their typically extreme living conditions (they tend to hang out at around 1000 meters) they don't usually come up.

Now, we're not saying that this thing is for sure Cthulu's child, nor should we all fear the wrath of the old ones. But there's not a lot of evidence to the contrary either.

So congrats Shengari Goto, good eating, and again, good luck evading the wrath of Cthulu.

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Rare 350-Pound Giant Squid Caught by Japanese Fisherman [VIDEO]