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Rapid Hammocks: Your New Outdoor Necessity [VIDEO]


Rapid Hammocks are a Kickstarter campaign hailing from northern Michigan.

Rapid Hammocks have everything that hammocks on the market now are missing. They are strong, easily packable, lightweight, and have features that only a true outdoorsman would appreciate.

Still a Kickstarter campaign, they’ve reached their initial goal and have a new goal initiated to add colors.

Get me one for Christmas please, in the crimson red.

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Rapid Hammocks have completely eliminated multiple equipment accessories like straps, carabiners, and extra bags. The Rapid Hammock is all-in-one with the bag attached to the hammock, as are the straps and the cinches. They boast a 30-second setup.

The hammocks have a 450-pound weight limit. So you and your outdoor friends can all pile on, unless everyone’s had a huge venison meal.

Rapid Hammocks are also incredibly light, only weighing 1.5 pounds, including straps, hammock and cinches.

The integrated strap is probably the feature that signals that the creators of the Rapid Hammocks are outdoorsmen themselves. The strap allows for easy transportation.

We designed the shoulder harness to double as a compression strap, allowing you to compress the RapidHammock down to the size of a grapefruit!

Love these guys.

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Rapid Hammocks: Your New Outdoor Necessity [VIDEO]