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Rap for Wilderness: Bringing the Outdoors to a New Generation [VIDEO]

What is the best way to get kids into the woods? Rap about it, of course. 

The WILD foundation is "The heart of the global wilderness conservation movement." Together with their partners in the Wildlife Networks, the foundation has multiple field projects for nature conservation. They find that their message is most clearly conveyed through art and culture.

Their latest project, The Rap Guide to Wilderness, is attempting to connect America's youth with the outdoors in a unique and creative way. Here is Canadian rap artist Baba Brinkman rapping about what we all love: the wild.

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Baba Brinkman is passionate about the outdoors. He worked for 12 years for the Canadian Wilderness as a tree planter. The WILD foundation and Brinkman have teamed up to bring you an album called The Rap Guide to the Wilderness to celebrate WILD's 40th anniversary.

This project is aimed at a "new demographic of people outside of our wilderness community" and the WILD foundation is communicating to the youth through the best medium, music.

Here are some of the things you'll find in the album:

what it's like to go WILD, howling wolves, a visit to Walden Pond, the tranquility of nature, and more!

November 20 is when the album drops. Go out and get one in time for the holidays!

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Rap for Wilderness: Bringing the Outdoors to a New Generation [VIDEO]