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Rangers in South Africa Bust 8 Rhino Poachers in 24 Hours


Eight suspected rhino poachers have been arrested in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

In a major victory for the good guys, South Africa National Parks announced the arrest of eight suspected rhino poachers.

Rangers conducting anti-poaching operations along the Crocodile River, south of the 7,500-square-mile park, got into a shootout with suspected poachers. One poacher was wounded, but no one was killed.

Rangers arrested three in the incident. They also seized rifles, silencers, and other equipment they suspected were used in poaching.

If that wasn’t enough for one day, the rangers scored an additional win during a follow-up investigation later in the evening. It resulted in the arrests of five more suspected poachers outside Kruger National Park.

The National Park has been a hotbed for poaching activity this year. Of the 223 arrests for poaching in South Africa in 2015, 129 occured in Kruger National Park.

The news of the arrests brought praise from South Africa’s Minister of Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa. “This is a clear indication that resilience and dedication pays off… we are grateful that no lives were lost,” said Molewa.

There was no definitive date on when the suspects will be brought to court, as the charges are still being discussed.

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Rangers in South Africa Bust 8 Rhino Poachers in 24 Hours