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Rangers Save Three-Legged Deer From Icy Lake [VIDEO]

A happy ending for a favorite local deer.

A three-legged deer lovingly referred to as ‘Tripod’ by the Cumberland Mountain State Park Rangers was recently rescued from a harrowing experience in the icy waters of Byrd Lake.

Ranger Monica Johnson has been a friend to the deer since their first encounter over a year ago when she came across ‘Tripod’ with a broken front leg. She suspects that ‘Tripod’ had been hit by a car, surviving the attack but unlikely to survive the wild. That’s when park rangers stepped in to assist with her injury. Via WBIR,

“We watched [her leg] go through this process of falling off,” said Johnson. “It swelled up huge. We thought that it would end up infected and she would die, but she fought through it.”

Despite living through that ordeal, ‘Tripod’ fell on some bad luck while crossing the ice on Byrd Lake yesterday. The ice caved beneath her and she struggled to stay afloat with only three legs. Lucky for her, a conservation worker was nearby and alerted the rangers. They were able to bring out a boat and a pick-axe to chop through the ice to get to the deer.

Once they got to her, they were unable to get her in the boat. Instead, they used the boat to help push her to shore, where she was able to pull herself from the water but too weak to stand. The team set her up in an empty dog pen with blankets to warm her back to life. Within a few hours, she was off on her merry way. The conservation worker, Nathan Potter, had this to say about ‘Tripod,’

“She had already been through so much,” said Potter. “She deserved more than to be out there in the lake like that.”

Much like everyone else, Ranger Johnson is just as attached to little ‘Tripod.’

“She’s more or less the park mascot,” said Potter. “I’m sure we’ll see her again.”

A great ending for a unique deer.

Have you ever saved a deer from certain doom? What would you have done in this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Rangers Save Three-Legged Deer From Icy Lake [VIDEO]