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The Ranger Z520C is One Badass Fishing Vessel [VIDEO]

A fishing boat can make or break any angling adventure, so consider the Ranger Z520C for your next vessel purchase. 

Randy Vance of Boating Magazine takes the Ranger Z520C out for a rip in this video.

Watch as Vance and his crew give the Ranger Z520C a run for its money.


Looks like the engineers thought of everything when they made the Ranger Z520C.

Featuring an exec G2 engine with 250 hp, the Ranger Z520C can go up to 72 miles per hour, and with the 12-inch GPS display, it will be hard to ever get lost. Consider the extensive storage space of the vessel next time you're out hauling in huge catfish, and remember, if you put your gear away wet, the ventilation system will dry it before your next adventure.

After watching that footage, there's no way you wouldn't want to drive that boat, right?

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The Ranger Z520C is One Badass Fishing Vessel [VIDEO]