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Be Proactive with Your Range Finder with These Tips

Here are some range finder tips that can really help this season.

These range finder tips will be helpful for this upcoming hunting season whether you’re out west in the Rockies hunting elk or in the Midwest hunting giant whitetails.

If you have ever owned a range finder, you know the joy and excitement of knowing the distance between you and your target. However, that distance may sometimes be too large to take an ethical shot. These range finder tips will help you cut your distance and successfully get in range of your target animal this season.

Being a hunter for several years now, I thought I could always just click my ranger finder, see the yardage and hope for the best. These helpful tips take a more proactive approach when hunting big game.

There are a few caveats to this. If you’re a whitetail hunter in a ladder stand you can’t exactly get up in the middle of your hunt and move your ladder stand to a different tree. We’re assuming you’ve already taken the necessary steps in the preseason for stationary stands such as ladder stands and box blinds.

However, if you are a run-and-gun hunter with sticks or a climber, or you’re hunting our west with a stalk approach, ranging nearby objects to move up to will decrease your distance and increase your chance of a clean harvest.

Likewise, the best range finder you can afford will make your hunt that much easier and leave you feeling confident and prepared when the moment of truth arrives.

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Be Proactive with Your Range Finder with These Tips