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Randy Newberg’s System for Finding Peak Rut Elk

Here’s how Randy Newberg locates peak rut elk.

Peak rut elk hunting is an experience you won’t soon forget. Bulls are bugling and chasing cows, and woods are alive with activity. By knowing where to look, you can put the odds in your favor and wrap your tag around a breeding season giant.

Watch the video to see how Randy Newberg finds peak rut elk and try out the lessons you learn on your hunt this season.

Here’s what we learned about finding peak rut elk:

  • Pay attention to breeding signs from previous seasons while shed hunting, hiking, or hunting late-season elk, then revisit the area during the peak rut.
  • Find the best available food source and you’ll find the cows; find the cows and you’ll find the bulls.
  • Bulls need water any chance they can get it. Sitting a water hole during the silent midday hours can earn you a bull.

As Randy mentioned in the video, peak rut elk hunting is a lot of fun. If you’ve never tried it, start planning a hunt today. Over-the-counter tags are available in many areas, and the sound of screaming bull will have you coming back for more.

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Randy Newberg’s System for Finding Peak Rut Elk