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Randy Newberg Speaks to Another Attack on Your Public Lands in Nevada

There are forces at work that would chip away at your Public Lands. Randy Newberg identifies another threat.

Just weeks after the election, decisions are underway that target Public Lands in Nevada, with segments of congress considering selling off of a vast track to the state.

Nevada is a state that has about a 90% track record of selling the state’s land off to increase revenue.

Watch Randy’s video on Youtube here, and learn how you can take action.


It is time for hunters, anglers and outdoors enthusiasts to make their voices heard. Public Lands are resources that belong to the collective and we stand to lose a precious resource.

If the public thinks this is just a problem for sportsmen, they should reconsider. Once Public Lands are transferred to industry and other interests, they could easily stop all forms of recreation, from camping to kayaking, not just hunting and angling.

Where I liv,e we are currently looking at a similar problem. Thousands of acres of Public Land may be transferred, and the rules for access will remain unclear if this happens. I have written my local politicians to express my concernsomething we should all consider doing. Also consider becoming a member of a conservation group, such as the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, a group of like-minded outdoors people who lobby on your behalf.

Ensure your voice is heard by the power-brokers in Washington, as this will define your lands for generations to come.


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Randy Newberg Speaks to Another Attack on Your Public Lands in Nevada