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Randy Newberg Gets Creative to Hunt Landlocked Public Land

Randy Newberg uses an unorthodox tactic to access some landlocked public land on this Montana elk hunt.

As many public land hunters know, Montana and other western states have public/private land boundaries that look like a checkerboard. This checkerboard effect causes some of the public ground to be completely surrounded by private property. On this hunt, Randy Newberg and Matt Seidel of onXmaps use a helicopter to access a piece of landlocked public land.

Watch the video to see how the hunt plays out.

Good hunt Randy!

As you saw in the video, using off the wall tactics to access public land is a great way to see elk… lots of elk. All it takes is a little planning.

Although these public grounds are surrounded by private land, they are still open to the public and, if you can find a way to get into them, they can offer some high quality hunting.

The video also demonstrates the incredible value of onXmaps land ownership maps when hunting near the public/private land border. If you don’t already use this technology, give it a try and stay on the right side of the property line.

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Randy Newberg Gets Creative to Hunt Landlocked Public Land