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The Randy Newberg 'Elk Talk' Guide to Leftover and OTC Tags

Didn't draw your elk tag for this fall, but still want to hunt? Randy Newberg has the answer.

Much to the dismay of my hunting buddies in Wyoming, I have failed (3 years running!) to draw my Wyoming elk license. So what's a hunter with a hankerin' for elk to do? As it happens numerous states offer leftover and "over the counter" surplus tags available to hunters following the limited draw.

With each state having its own method of tag allocation, it can be a bit confusing as to the best way to go about getting your over the counter tag. Enter "Fresh Tracks" host Randy Newberg and his Elk Talk web series. In the video below, Randy lays out strategies to help you get out after elk every year in a variety of states.

The Elk Talk series, which Randy Newberg released this year on YouTube, is a great tool to help guide both the experienced and new elk hunter in applying for tags, planning the hunt, and finding success in the field.

For a free resource, 'Elk Talk' really can't be beat. Watch this episode and all other episodes of the series on Randy's' YouTube channel here.


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The Randy Newberg 'Elk Talk' Guide to Leftover and OTC Tags