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Randy Newberg Discusses Federal Land Transfers

Randy Newberg is extremely knowledgable about Federal land transfers. Here’s proof.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about the proposed Federal land transfers, here’s the basics.

Efforts are currently being made to transfer land that is currently owned and managed by the federal government to the states where the land is located. These lands are located in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming and encompass over 640 million acres of land.

Based on historical data, the result of these federal land transfers would be privatization of land that is currently open to everyone.

Watch this video to learn how the federal government acquired the land that is currently in dispute.

Like any hotly debated political topic, there are two sides to the story about federal land transfers. As usual, one side is based on facts and one side is attempting to sell myths that will forward their agenda to transfer and ultimately privatize our nations most valuable resource.

Watch this video to see Randy Newberg debunk a few of those myths by explaining the facts.

As outdoorsmen and women it’s easy to overlook the huge amount of control that politicians have over our nations federal lands. It’s also tedious and time consuming to pore over state and federal constitutions to get the facts required to make a knowledgeable argument on the issue of federal lands transfers.

Luckily, folks like Newberg have sorted through the facts and are able to present them in an easy-to-understand manner to the rest of us. Stay tuned for more episodes of Stealing Your Public Lands to learn more.

To sign a petition to stop federal land transfers and learn more about the issue visit


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Randy Newberg Discusses Federal Land Transfers