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Randy Newberg Discusses the Costs of Public Land Management

Randy Newberg explains why the costs of public land management are too great for states to take on.

In this episode of "Stealing Your Public Lands" Randy Newberg discusses how the costs of public land management could contribute to their privatization if lands that are currently managed by the federal government are transferred to the states they are in.

As a CPA, Randy knows a thing or two about balance sheets and how they work. Watch the video to see what he believes will happen if the federal land transfers take place.

As Randy discussed in the video, the costs of public land management are just too great for the states to take on. Transferring the lands to state ownership would almost inevitably result in their privatization, something no outdoorsman or woman should want.

This video is a part of a series where Randy explains the potential pitfalls of federal land transfers and sifts through the legal jargon to explain why we should oppose the transfers. In previous episodes, Randy discussed how the federal government acquired the lands and some of the myths surrounding the public land transfer issue.

Stay educated by tuning in to future episodes and learn why federal land transfers are bad for anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation.

Take action, stop the seizure of your public lands.


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Randy Newberg Discusses the Costs of Public Land Management