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Randy Newberg Demonstrates the Gutless Method for Butchering an Elk

Watch Randy Newberg Demonstrate The Gutless Method For Butchering An Elk

The gutless method of butchering an elk is a great way to quickly and cleanly get the meat back to civilization if you shoot an elk out in the backcountry.

Just as you would think from the name, the gutless method of butchering an elk allows a hunter to easily remove all the edible meat from an elk without having to go through the traditional field-dressing process.

Not only is this faster and less messy than actually removing the internal organs of the elk the old-fashioned way, but it also helps break down the carcass into manageable pieces so you can carry the meat out of the woods on your back. Obviously, this is a key requirement if you shoot an elk far from a road, as most hunters do. All you need is a knife or two, some game bags, and maybe another set of hands to help you out.

Check out the video and let Randy show you all about the gutless method of butchering an elk.

One of the main criticisms of this method by hunters is that, admittedly, it's difficult to get the tenderloins when you use the gutless method. However, Randy showed us that though it's difficult, it is still possible to get to the tenderloins without removing the internal organs. Just be really, really careful!

Butchering an elk carcass is a lot of work, no matter how you slice it.

That being said, I really think that the gutless method is the best way to do it in terms of both time and energy.

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Randy Newberg Demonstrates the Gutless Method for Butchering an Elk