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Watch Randy Howell’s Bassmaster Classic-Winning Catches [VIDEO]

This Randy Howell Bassmaster Classic footage from the final morning is can’t-miss.

By now you likely know Randy Howell snatched his first Bassmaster Classic victory this past weekend with a flurry of big bass in the final day of the tournament. Within the first 10 or 15 minutes Howell already had a limit, leading to his culling of several 4-pounders to make room for bigger fish.

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Now we can relive in his glorious Classic-winning morning, as the GoPro footage from Howell’s boat has been published to the Bassmaster YouTube page.

Check out the video:

Our favorite quotable highlights:

“That’s what you do first thing in the morning in the Bassmaster Classic!”

“This is so awesome right here, because you never get a crowd to be able to see you fishing, but from this place here I got probably 70 to 100 people on this bridge watching me catch these fish and it’s a magical morning in the Bassmaster Classic… We just need 7-pounders now.” Then he mentions that he’s talking to a GoPro, not himself. Fantastic stuff.

“It’s a shame when those 4-pounders don’t get you excited no more.”

And of course, the GoPro tagline… “I’m trying to be a hero today!”

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If you still want more from the Classic champion, Bassmaster announced today on their Twitter feed that Howell will participate in a Q&A Thursday, February 27 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern.

What would you ask the champ?

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Watch Randy Howell’s Bassmaster Classic-Winning Catches [VIDEO]