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Randall Tharp Tops Bassmaster Classic 2014 Day 1

Angler Randall Tharp took the first place in the Bassmaster Classic 2014 day 1 competition.

Tharp caught five bass and ended the first day of the Classic with a 27-8 combined total. Tharp began fishing on Friday with unpromising results, but ended the day with large catches that boosted him into the lead of the Bassmaster Classic 2014 day 1.

“At about my fifth stop, I finally got into a little school, and caught an 8 1/2 and a 5. From then on, it got pretty easy,” Tharp told “I caught fish at about every stop I made.”

Tharp’s total puts him 11 pounds over current second place angler Edwin Evers, who finished with a 26-13 total. Tennessean angler David Walker finished third place with 24-13.

Here’s the Bassmaster Classic 2014 day 1 top 10 leaderboard from

Image: Bassmaster
Image: Bassmaster

On Bassmaster Classic 2014 day 1, all of the anglers had to adjust to unforeseen lake conditions. Rain pummeled Lake Guntersville on Thursday night and muddied the water.

“I think the rain hurt everybody,”said Tharp. “This lake typically fishes better when it’s a little lower. It was high, with too much current today. Obviously it muddied a lot of water up. I could tell by the way the fish were biting. They were slapping at the bait.”

Tharp has lots of experience fishing and winning tournaments on Lake Guntersville. In 2008, he won the Bass Pro Shops Southern Open on Lake Guntersville. He said he plans to switch up his lures to lipless crankbait, a jig, jerkbait and crankbait, and start fishing in specific areas at a much slower rate.

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Randall Tharp Tops Bassmaster Classic 2014 Day 1