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Rambro the Ram and His Pumpkin Piñata [VIDEO]

Rambro the ram likes punching pumpkins as much as the next person. Maybe he just hates Halloween. 

Rambro the ram, known as Angry Ram on the world wide web (he even has a Facebook page), beats this pumpkin up. His home-made piñata drops sheep nuts instead of candy, a ram’s delight.

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The pumpkin is even carved with a frowny face as it gets filled up with sheep nuts that Rambro the ram really loves. The pumpkin proceeds to get rammed multiple times. I don’t think I’d want Rambro charging me. Even when the pumpkin is knocked off the rope, Rambro doesn’t stop. He gnaws and stomps until he gets all ‘dem sheep nuts.


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Rambro the Ram and His Pumpkin Piñata [VIDEO]