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Rainier Ballistics: Pretty Good Bullets at a Pretty Good Price

Go the copper route with Rainier Ballistics.

Given the choice between shooting more and shooting less I always seem to choose shooting more as the preferred option.

While this is a fine philosophy to stick with, over the course of a lifetime it can get a little expensive. Needless to say, over the years I’ve had to figure out a few ways to stretch my shooting dollar; it’s just something you work on when you have a monkey on your back.

One of the best ways to save a buck that I’ve run across is by shopping around for a good deal on bullets. Sure, sometimes I shoot the fancy stuff, but that’s only when there’s important work to be done.

When it comes to practice I’ll shoot just about any bullet I can find. If I can get a pretty good bullet at a pretty good price, the deal is even sweeter. That’s where Rainer Ballistics comes in.

The advent of polygonal and octagonal rifling in pistol barrels has made the use of lead cast bullets off-limits in some guns. Shooting lead cast out of standard rifled barrels can be a little irritating in terms of lead buildup, but the use of pure lead can be downright dangerous with polygonal rifling.

Thankfully, there are now companies like Rainer Ballistic Corporation that offer copper plated bullets. The pills produced by Rainer have a very thin coating of copper that is peppered around a normal lead cast design.

These bullets can be fired safely from all breeds of rifling and, with a bare minimum of copper used to cover them, their prices remain very close to their lead cast competitors.

In my opinion the coolest thing about Rainier bullets is that they keep your barrel clean like jacketed rounds, but act like lead cast in flight and upon impact. They do still seem to suffer from some of the same limitations as lead cast bullets — they don’t much like getting pushed really fast out of my 10mm, –but I can live with that from a very affordable bullet.

Rainer offers all the traditional cast bullet designs dressed up in a copper coating, including Keith-style semi-wadcutters and double-ended wadcutters, which are just absolutely adorable. With calibers running from .312 up to .500, the price-conscious shooter can find a bullet for just about any pistol under the sun.

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Rainer suggests that you use lead cast loading data for their bullets by simply matching the weights and experimenting from there for accuracy, and I would agree that it’s a good method for building top-shelf loads.

With a bit of testing, you can drum up fodder that shoots great, keeps your barrel clean and is surprisingly light on your wallet.

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Rainier Ballistics: Pretty Good Bullets at a Pretty Good Price