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Rainbows in Urban Austin Introduce Beginners to Fishing

There’s an event in Austin, Texas, that introduces fishing to young and old alike in an urban setting.

“Hooked on Mueller” takes place at Mueller Lake Park. Park officials work with Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPW) to stock the lake with rainbow trout for participants to catch.

The event offers those who take part a chance to experience fishing, from hook to table.

Besides stocking the lake, a traveling exhibit trailer introduces beginners to all things fishing. Displays include fish species, safety and gear.

Learning about different species is important, because visitors are asked to only take the rainbows. Park officials asked that any native fish caught (catfish, bass, etc.) be released.

TPW offers a “chef demo” at a nearby farmer’s market. There, folks who catch some rainbows, but may not know what to do with them, can learn about how to prepare the fish.



Missouri is Stocking Rainbow Trout in Urban Lakes [PICS]

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Rainbows in Urban Austin Introduce Beginners to Fishing