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Racing Rabbit Interrupts NASCAR Truck Series Practice [VIDEO]

An unwanted visitor showed up at the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event in Bristol this week.

During the practice session for this week’s race, a rabbit found its way on to the track. At the speeds these trucks are going, a rabbit/truck collision could be deadly for both the rabbit and the truck driver.

The track was shut down and members of several pit crews and track workers attempted to corral the quick little bunny.

Watch the video to see how they made out.

NASCAR fans have seen it all from flat tires to plastic bags on the grill, but a rabbit on the track? That’s got to be a first.

Not only did this rabbit make of fool of those trying to catch him, he made a pretty quick lap time. Who knows what happened to the little guy, but he left the track by race time and nothing was hurt except the crew members’ pride.

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Racing Rabbit Interrupts NASCAR Truck Series Practice [VIDEO]