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Raccoons Go CRAZY for Doritos [VIDEO]

These raccoons are coming out of the woodworks for Doritos!

I guess people aren't the only ones in love with these tasty chips!

Check out this video from lileez2003 where two dozen raccoons come out from the bushes in every direction to get a taste of these chips. Will they take the whole bag and run or patiently wait their turn? Watch the video to find out!

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How amazing is it that the raccoons wait patiently to be handed the chip? And they aren't fighting each other over them either.

Every raccoon uses their paws, which are very similar to human hands, to reach for the chip and then gently takes it from the human's hands before they scurry off to eat it without interruption.

Have you notice wildlife go crazy for people food? Share your experience below in the comments!

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Raccoons Go CRAZY for Doritos [VIDEO]