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Raccoon Will Clean Your House for Treats [VIDEO]

Everyone knows that raccoons are clever animals. But are they smart enough to sweep the kitchen floor for you? You decide.

Melanie is her name, and working for treats is her game.

"Melanie" is a pet raccoon and she is a pretty clever critter. Her owner has her trained to do some pretty humorous tricks.

Things like taking a toy chicken for a walk and getting into her carrier coop all be herself when getting ready to go on a trip. Melanie even has her own Facebook page!

Here it looks like Melanie is practicing her floor sweeping technique.

Of course Melanie is just a raccoon being a raccoon, and raccoons are notoriously clever at doing whatever it takes to get something to eat.

But if we can anthropomorphize an African lion into a loving "family man," why can't we do the same with a raccoon, turning her into an industrious housemaid?

That being said, I would not trust Melanie or any other raccoon with the job of cleaning out the refrigerator.

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Raccoon Will Clean Your House for Treats [VIDEO]