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Raccoon Family Play Time Caught on Trail Camera

Put three adorably mischievous raccoon kits itching to wrestle one another together and you’ve got yourself a party.

A mother or “sow” raccoon and her three kits are caught on a trail cam having some late night, or rather early morning, play time.

These raccoons entered a yard at around 1:00 a.m. via a missing fence board. The owners had previously installed a camera facing the opening, as they had had raccoons enter that way before but had also knocked over the camera.

This night they left the camera alone, allowing it to capture some pretty adorable playful roughhousing.

We are told that these kits were born in the spring to this raccoon family, and will soon “leave their mother and disperse into the jungle during winter,” thereby leaving the mother to “breed again and raise another brood in 2016.”

Until then, however, they appear intent on having as much carefree playtime as possible.

Now might be a good time to plan some popcorn and a movie for the evening. I suggest Over the Hedge, featuring a street smart raccoon who leads a gang of mismatched woodland creatures through another kind of fence and into some mischief of their own.

But first, check out the clever raccoon in the video linked below. She’s doesn’t have time for mischief, because she looks to have a regular day job.

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Raccoon Family Play Time Caught on Trail Camera