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Raccoon Drunk After Venturing into Liquor Warehouse [VIDEO]

There isn’t anything much funnier to watch than animals who accidentally get drunk, like this silly raccoon.

Animals sometimes accidentally compromise themselves by getting drunk either naturally from fermented fruit or from human error. It never ceases to cause some laughs whether it be a huge bear or a small raccoon.

This little raccoon accidentally wandered into what looks to be a liquor warehouse. After having a few too many sips of some Stella Artois that spilled from a pallet onto the floor he starts stumbling around for a way back out.

Hopefully the guys filming helped the poor raccoon find his way back out of the building or called someone to come take him home.

I’m sure after a little sleep and a bit of a hangover he will be just fine. All we can do is hope that he learned a lesson about licking strange substances off the floor of places he shouldn’t be.

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Raccoon Drunk After Venturing into Liquor Warehouse [VIDEO]