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Raccookin’: Make Disgusting Chicken Alfredo Just Like Mama Raccoon Used To


Take cooking tipsat your own riskfrom episodes of Raccookin’, the food show for garbage connoisseurs! It’s sure to make you smile and laugh. 

Raccookin’ is a crazy new “food” show (not really) all about cooking with garbage. It’s cooking just like ol’ Mama Raccoon did it back when you were just a little kit.

So, steal a bag of garbage from someone in the neighborhood and open it up to see what ingredients you can find.

Here’s an alluring recipe for Week-Old Chicken Alfredo. For the main ingredients, you’ll need to find a half-eaten chicken carcass, a few chewed apple cores, some expired broth, curdled milk and a little moldy cheese.

Not delicious!

Next, how about giving Pepperoni Garbage Bread a whirl? It’s the “perfect addition to this Sunday’s game-day appetizers with the guys.”

“It’s not everyday you scrounge up a big ball of dough,” says our raccoon narrator. “So today, we’ll be making pepperoni garbage bread.”

“Pretty much anything you can scavenge is fair game,” he says. “That’s the disgusting beauty of this dish.”

Mmmm! That does sound disgusting!

Well, that about made me want to hurl! Yummy!

Finally, let’s make dessert. You’re gonna love this one: Dumpster Pumpkin Pie!

Be on the lookout for some rotten eggshells, soggy cereal, a few paw-fuls of pumpkin guts and about a quarter-cup of black stuff.

Bake at 350 degrees and top with ice cream.

Now, be sure to invite some friends to share your culinary creations with!

There you have it: the first three episodes of Raccookin’. Think twice before tying that trash bag shut and putting it in a metal garbage can.

Thanks to Geico for producing these hilarious bits.

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Raccookin’: Make Disgusting Chicken Alfredo Just Like Mama Raccoon Used To