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Rabbit Hunting: Very, Very Quiet, and Sneaky [VIDEO]

Here’s the rabbit hunting video you’ve been waiting for.

Elmer Fudd is feeling pretty green. Why wouldn’t he feel envious of the advancements in rabbit hunting gear? In this video rabbit hunting takes a more updated feel of the “Bunny Ultimatum” rather than an animated cartoon.

Most rabbit hunting trips involve dogs and wading through bloodletting briars. Some might ask why on Earth rabbit hunting would warrant night vision and a high performance rifle, but why not? In the video, fried rabbit is looking pretty good and there is definitely going to be leftovers.

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Hunting at night certainly gives the hunter the edge and although not terribly sporting, rabbits can become quite the nuisance if populations are left unchecked.

Family planning has been grossly ineffective with most rabbit populations; as a matter of fact they take offense when the subject is brought up.

They breed like rabbits, so… somebody had to intervene.

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Rabbit Hunting: Very, Very Quiet, and Sneaky [VIDEO]