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Rabbit Hunting with Dogs: The Best Way to Pursue Small Game

Kentucky Afield follows a day of adventure while rabbit hunting with dogs, and shows why it is one of the most exciting outdoor pursuits you can do.

Rabbit hunting is a great pastime, and rabbit hunting with dogs brings this field hunting skill to a whole new level.

Watch as Kentucky Afield host, Tim Farmer, heads out with these dedicated rabbit hunters and their beagles.

I owned a beagle and there is no better dog for hunting rabbits. They are also used in my area for deer hunting, as their natural tracking ability and sense of smell is equally as good at flushing whitetails, as well as rabbits. To hear the "singing" of a pack of beagles on the hunt is true music to a hunter's ears.

Rabbits provide liberal bag limits and in many areas you can hunt them almost year-round, providing exciting outdoors action to fill in those gaps between fishing and the pursuit of other wild game.

For more information on small game hunting in Kentucky, see their Fish and Wildlife here.

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Rabbit Hunting with Dogs: The Best Way to Pursue Small Game