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This Rabbit Hunt is Full of Sweet Beagle Music

While it may sound like chaos to some, there's nothing sweeter than beagle music to a rabbit hunter's ears.

Hunting with hounds is one of the oldest forms of the dog/man partnership. Beagles use their keen noses and intense drive to chase rabbits to waiting hunters. Due to the rabbit's tendency to circle during the chase, a hunter's job is typically to sit back and wait for the harried rabbit to emerge, then shoot it.

Watch the video to hear some of the finest beagle music the internet has to offer.

If you've never tried beagling bunnies, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. It's a blast for hunters and dogs alike. Here's some tips to help you on your first hunt.

  • Wear Your Orange -- Rabbits live in thick cover and it's often hard to see your hunting partners. Wearing lots of blaze orange could be the difference between a successful hunt and a trip to the emergency room.
  • Think Ahead -- The tendency for new hunters is to watch the sound of the beagle music, but the rabbit is usually ahead of the dogs. Try to anticipate where the rabbit is going and watch that area instead.
  • Shoot Straight -- Rabbits are quick and small, but they don't take much killing if you make a good shot. Use a light gauge shotgun or trap loads in your 12 gauge and pick a spot to stand that offers some clear shooting lanes to bag more bunnies.

Many rabbit seasons stretch into late winter and cover squashing snows make rabbits easier to see. Get out and listen to some beagle music the next time you get a chance. You'll be glad you did.

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This Rabbit Hunt is Full of Sweet Beagle Music