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Rabbit Escapes Avalanche to the Perfect Soundtrack [VIDEO]

This very lucky rabbit hurdles through an avalanche to the most perfectly picked song I have ever heard.

Sometimes people catch pretty amazing things in the process of filming other events. Some of the best of those random moments captured seem to always involve rabbits.

They seem to always be in the wrong place at the right time, like this little guy during an avalanche.

This snowboarder was barreling down a mountain when he set off a small avalanche behind him.

The person filming just happened to notice a white rabbit bolt out into the tumbling mass of snow just as the snowboarder gets out of the way. They took the footage and added a very well-chosen musical track to go along with the rabbit’s escape.

The guys from Helipro couldn’t have picked a more appropriate song for a rabbit to narrowly escape being buried in the snow than “Run Rabbit Run.”

Although there were a few times I thought for sure he was toast, it looks like, through sheer luck, he made it safely through to the other side.

Hopefully next time he will just stay where he is and not risk fate just to become Internet famous.

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Rabbit Escapes Avalanche to the Perfect Soundtrack [VIDEO]