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Trigger Happy Hanukkah: Meet Gary, the Gun Totin' Rabbi

Before the holidays, this former NYPD cop-turned-rabbi teaches scripture... and tactical response! Check out this badass rabbi who's packing heat. 

Rabbi Gary Mosksowitz, leader of the International Security Coalition of Clergy, is teaching his congregation how to defend against potential threats from extremist groups and terrorists during the holidays.

This congregation is ready for anything that might come through the doors.

Moskowitz requires his rabbis to go through 100 hours of safety training. After two synagogues were involved in terrorist plots, Moskowitz decided to take matters in his own hands, even on the Sabbath. (Jewish law prohibits guns on this holiday, but a potential threat takes precedence).

Part of being a religious person is keeping yourself healthy. How are you healthy if you're dead? And how are you healthy if you can't defend yourself in the case of a threat?

I am sure the entire congregation feels much safer with the rabbis ready to respond rather than relying solely on the police. And man, don't we love these gun-totin' rabbis' enthusiasm!

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Trigger Happy Hanukkah: Meet Gary, the Gun Totin' Rabbi