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QUIZ: How Much Do You NOT Know About Upland Birds? [VIDEO]

upland birds

How well do you think you know the upland birds you chase all fall? Ready for a slice of humble pie?

Many hunters spend a large portion of each autumn (obsessive amounts if you ask their spouses) in the woods trying to find their favorite upland birds: the ruffed grouse and American woodcock.

It's no wonder!

These elusive birds hold tight to their thickets until you're almost on top of them, and then explode into the sky with a thunderous beating of wings. It's one of the best adrenaline rushes you can find.

But how much do you know about these mysterious birds? If you've been hunting them for years, you might do alright on the quiz. Then again, you might be surprised at what you didn't know about them.

Give it your best shot (pun intended).

Ruffed Grouse Quiz

  1. What is the best way to tell a male and female grouse apart?
  2. Besides that, what else can you use to distinguish them?
  3. How can you tell an adult bird from a juvenile?
  4. What does the interruption in the middle of the tail band mean?
  5. Does the color of the ruff feathers always match the color of the tail band?

How do you think you did? Check out the answers in the video below.

American Woodcock Quiz

  1. How are the wings different between male and female birds?
  2. Are males or females bigger?
  3. What unusual item can you use to measure the bill?
  4. How can the feathers distinguish an adult from a juvenile?
  5. How do woodcock molt their feathers?

Feel like you did any better on this one? I'm guessing not due to the more secretive lives of woodcock versus grouse, but I've been wrong about twice before. Find out in the video below.

There you go. It turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. I bet even the most seasoned upland bird hunter learned a thing or two from these two great videos.

Thanks to the Ruffed Grouse Society for continuing to provide such great information for us hunters.

Good luck out there this year.

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QUIZ: How Much Do You NOT Know About Upland Birds? [VIDEO]