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App Review: Quiver, a Powerful Tool for Journaling Hunts

Quiver Hunting App

Track your hunts and deer activity with a simple yet powerful app called Quiver. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been speaking with the team at Quiver to learn more about their hunting app. It ranks the highest for hunting apps in the iTunes App Store, and I wanted to learn why it’s creating such a buzz.

Since talking with Quiver, I’ve downloaded the free app and have learned even more about the team’s project, built on week nights and weekends just for whitetail fanatics.

First impression of Quiver

My first impressions of the app were of the simple, sleek design and ease of use.


The image above shows the home page of the app. The two buttons on the bottom of the screen do the heavy lifting for the app. To start a hunt, simply press “Start Hunt,” and the app collects your location and records current weather conditions.


I found the timer actually had me wanting to sit longer and rack up my hours. If a hunter used Quiver for a full year, the amount of data that would be accumulated would be invaluable for years to come. Deer can more predictable than most people would think, but after using this app in addition to trail camera analytics, you’ll know the deer activity on the farm better than ever.

How is Quiver different from other hunting apps?

Now, all of this is fine and great, but how does it separate itself from other hunting journal apps, or even a pen and paper? Here’s what app founder Brandon Gador had to say:

“Quiver is a smart, mobile journal that automatically records data (weather/solunar/time) that is associated with your hunt so you can look back at your season and draw some pretty incredible insights on deer behavior in your area.”

Gador also highlighted the simplicity of the app. The simplicity allows hunters to not lose focus because of the app, and instead, the app works powerfully in your pocket by keeping track of various data and logging the time spent in the stand.

Should users be excited about any updates on the horizon? 

After using the app for a few hunts, I found one drawback. In the midst trekking to my stand and getting settled in, I would forget to start my hunt. The good news is, Quiver will be releasing an update to remedy this situation.


“Most importantly, we want to add more flexibility into the app around tracking hunts so that users can go back and edit information if needed,” said Gardon.

Furthermore, Quiver is excited to say they are working on an Android version of the app, so stay tuned!

Give Quiver a try for your next hunting trip by downloading it for free!

Quiver is always looking to join forces with like-minded people and companies to develop this project fueled by the passion of whitetail deer hunting.


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App Review: Quiver, a Powerful Tool for Journaling Hunts