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Here’s an Up-Close Look at the Quigley Sharps Rifle from ‘Quigley Down Under’


Take an up close look at the original iconic Sharps rifle used in the movie ‘Quigley Down Under’ starring Tom Selleck. It’s an absolute beauty.

Eric from Iraqveteran8888 has a special treat for viewers of their youtube channel. He’s got the very rifle that was used by Tom Selleck in the Hollywood film, Quigley Down Under.

This isn’t a replica. It’s the real deal, the actual Shiloh-Sharps .45-110 used by Selleck in his role as Matthew Quigley in the famous 1990 movie.

This rifle is an iconic piece of movie memorabilia, known by shooters and fans of westerns worldwide. Without going into the plot of the film, which I’m sure you’ve all seen, let’s just say that Selleck/Quigley uses the rifle to outstanding effect in the story.

The rifle – along with two other fully functional Shiloh-Sharps .45-110 rifles made for the film – was owned by Selleck and kept in his possession after the film was released, until he decided to gift it to the Brownells family.

Wikipedia also indicates that Selleck had two of the rifles reconditioned by the Shiloh Rifle Co.. He donated one of the rifles to the NRA in 2006 for a fundraiser, and that rifle sold at auction in 2008 for $69,000.

Eric is clearly a big fan of the film and of Selleck, and can’t seem to say enough nice things about the famous pro-Second Amendment actor. We feel pretty much the same way about Tom Selleck.

As Selleck says, while in character, in the film when describing the rifle to the villain (Alan Rickman):

It’s a lever-action, breech loader. Usual barrel length’s thirty inches. This one has an extra four. It’s converted to use a special forty-five caliber, hundred and ten grain metal cartridge, with a five-hundred and forty grain paper-patched bullet. It’s fitted with double set triggers, and a Vernier sight. It’s marked up to twelve-hundred yards. This one shoots a mite further.

Here’s an iconic scene:

Also included in the set are Quigley’s fringed rifle scabbard, ammunition belt and bowie knife and sheath.

This is enough to make any gun-guy drool.

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Here’s an Up-Close Look at the Quigley Sharps Rifle from ‘Quigley Down Under’