How Quiet is a Suppressed .458 SOCOM Rifle? [VIDEO]

When we think about a .458 SOCOM rifle, we think loud.

This suppressed .458 SOCOM rifle made us change our minds pretty quickly.

Let's see if a big bore caliber rifle can really be stealthy.

This modified Remington Model 700 rifle is chambered for the powerful big bore .458 SOCOM caliber, and it sports a noise suppressor. Add in some special ammunition, and this beast is quiet and lethal.

This rifle is perfect for wild boar or deer hunting, where noise might be an issue. It will also save the hunter's ears. This is great for safety in the field, since the hunter can listen for game and other hunters without hearing protection.

I was amazed at how this incredible big bore rifle smacks a steel plate with just a small report.

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