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Quiet Shooting: Tips on Keeping the Levels Down

Quiet shooting is already becoming another wave of shooting's future.

With all the advancements and innovations in the shooting world, there's still an argument to be made that many firearms are, simply put, too loud.

Considering the massive encroachment of urban sprawl housing developments to our hunting lands, silence has become golden.

Over the last decade, hunting has taken a turn in many places from booming shotguns to suppressed air rifles and other quiet shooting means. Backyard practice needs to be a quiet sport in most suburban settings, so lets look at what is available to help us achieve more quiet shooting.

Sling it

Archery has always been the sport of silence. With plenty of power for big game, it is the king at hunting big game in a quiet fashion.


With your choice of long bow or crossbow, you will be amazed at the flexibility to hunt in urban deer hunting zones, coyotes in the suburbs or wild boar out in the back acre. Quiet back yard shooting is no problem with archery.

Bring back the .22

The .22 caliber rifle has adapted easily to a quiet means of shooting. Historically .22 short cartridges have been quieter than the standard or high velocity .22 long rifle offerings, and newer cartridges have made the silence a whole lot quieter. The CCI CB .22 round I grew up shooting out of a longer barreled .22 rifle, all you hear is the firing pin click as it makes contact with the primer. The small 29 grain bullet is great for target shooting and up close head shots on small game.


CCI also makes a .22 long rifle round with a segmented bullet for more knock down power and it is indeed very quiet and lethal on vermin. This round is almost as quiet as the CB offered by CCI also, but has a 40 grain segmented bullet that delivers much needed lethal power.

Aguila makes a .22 cartridge named the Super Colibri that is surprisingly quieter than the above CB round. It has a 20 grain bullet that is powered solely by the primer. Accuracy I have found in this load to be very good at the intended short ranges.

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Quiet as the breeze

Airguns have gone from the days of the trusty Daisy Red Ryder to the high powered suppressed offering from companies such as Crosman, Remington and Gamo. These pellet guns shoot quietly, accurately and hit game and targets hard. Gander Mountain carries a beauty perfect for quiet shooting.


Just because our woods have lost some elbow space doesn't mean we need to give up our shooting. Try these quiet tips and get back out there.

What are your game of choice for quiet shooting? Post them below in the comments.

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Quiet Shooting: Tips on Keeping the Levels Down