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How to Quickly Tie the Super Strong FG Knot [VIDEO]

FG knot

The FG knot is the thinnest, strongest braid to leader knot. But can you tie it quickly?

Its strength makes the FG knot very useful, and it is actually very easy to tie.

Check out the video below to learn how to quickly and easily tie the FG knot.

After a long series of tests conducted by the Salt Strong team, the FG knot has proven itself as the thinnest and strongest braid to leader knot out there. It seems odd that one knot can hold the distinction of being at the top of the class in both categories, but somehow, the FG knot does it.

Most of this knot is a simple over and under pattern. Make sure you wrap it enough for the counterbalance to be effective, then use a couple of hitch knots to secure it.

Now, get out your rod and give the FG knot a few practice tries. Pretty soon, you’ll be ready to take this knot out on the water.

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How to Quickly Tie the Super Strong FG Knot [VIDEO]