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How to Quickly Process Wild Turkey [VIDEO]

Looking for a quick tutorial on how to process wild turkey efficiently?

You’ve found it. This video demonstrates how to process wild turkey without a mess, and shows how to take the turkey breast from field to fryer.

If you’re new to turkey hunting, it provides some useful techniques to keep you from plucking the whole bird if you don’t have to. Check it out below.


Skinning the turkey and then fileting the breast meat off of the breastbone is a fast and delicious way to process your wild game. However, if you plan to roast or deep-fry the whole turkey, plucking is going to be your best bet. Fortunately, there are many great ways to prepare just the turkey breast, saving you the mess and hassle of plucking.

Get out there this spring and chase some gobblers around the woods so you can give this technique a whirl and add some beards/fans to the wall.

Good luck!

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How to Quickly Process Wild Turkey [VIDEO]