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Backwoods Life Takes Us on the Quickest Turkey Hunt Ever

Join these guys for maybe the quickest turkey hunt ever in the Georgia pine forest.

Morgan, the host of Backwoods Life, will introduce you to possibly the quickest turkey hunt ever in this exciting video.

The pine forests of Georgia are a hotbed for some exciting turkey hunting. Much like the public land I hunt, most of it is forested so it provides a different kind of experience than more traditional turkey hunting on farmland.

In the woods, a hunter is much more likely to be dealing with individual or smaller groups of birds and will have to adjust tactics appropriately for the conditions. Mastering calling to bring the birds in and the ability to react very quickly to a fast approaching bird become critical.

You can also use the cover to your advantage and can move about more freely without getting busted by turkey’s keen eyesight. This will allow the savvy hunter to move stealthily to find that sweet spot if your first location doesn’t pan out.

Best of luck this spring in nailing that bird on the ground.

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Backwoods Life Takes Us on the Quickest Turkey Hunt Ever