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Quick-Swimming Sea Lion Catches Boat for Fish Snack [VIDEO]

This sea lion catches a speedboat and is invited on for a fish dinner. 

Sea lions always remind me of little puppies with their whiskered faces. This guy even steals the hearts of the fishermen who let him on to their boat and give him a fish from their catch.

Because he’s just too cute.

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This video was taken off the coast of Cabo San Lucas last month. It isn’t uncommon for sea lions to follow fishing boats in the hopes that they can snag some of the catches but this guy is bold. And the anglers reward his boldness with a fish.

But the sea lion doesn’t like the first particular fish he gets, he wants…that one. Satisfied, he slips back into the water.

Ok, adios!

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Quick-Swimming Sea Lion Catches Boat for Fish Snack [VIDEO]